Home Isolation

Home isolation measures for people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 who do not need to be hospitalized and people who were hospitalized and then determined to be medically stable to go home.

You should follow the prevention steps below until a healthcare provider or local or state health department says you can return to your normal activities.

  • Well ventilated non AC room

  • Windows kept open during day time

  • Room should have attached bathroom or separate bathroom for the suspected patient.

  • Do not share utensils, linen or other items.

  • Practice frequent handwashing with soap and water especially after toilet or

    contact with body fluids.

  • Follow personal hygiene

  • Follow respiratory hygiene

    • Cover mouth and nose with mask or tissue while coughing or sneezing

    • If mask or tissue is not available cough or sneeze to your flexed elbow followed by

      hand hygiene

  • Three buckets for waste collection

    1. soiled linen, clothes, towel – disinfect with bleach, wash and sun dry before next use

    2. soiled mask, tissues, pad – for incineration

    3. for bio medical waste - for burial

  • Room should be mopped with bleach solution

  • Bleach solution can be used to clean furniture, wash basin, toilet seats etc

  • Alcohol based hand rub at the room entrance to be used by care giver

  • No visitors should be allowed

  • Should not attend meetings, social gatherings, parties etc

  • Avoid public transport

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